We Jenny and Silvia ( Owners of Blushingskin), Two young woman are on mission to help other women by every possible mean. 

At Blushingskin, We create spa quality skin care products and tangibly supports the fight to end human trafficking.  We employ survivors of human trafficking and donate to organizations involved in their rescue and rehabilitation.  Our ingredients are utilizing best technology available to bring natural skin glow out and our products focus on providing the most effective solutions in the healthiest way possible, without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals and fillers.  Our products are perfect for all skin-types and ethnicities.


At Blushingskin, we believe we have a responsibility to be our best selves by taking care of our bodies and showing compassion to others in need.  Blushingskin customers are beautiful inside and out. 

Our Best quality skin care products carry the story of women and men empowered by your purchase.  Our products are good for you and good for survivors of human trafficking - a win-win solution.