Blushingskin® Facial Lifting Device

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Fight all signs of aging! The World's Most Effective Anti-Aging Solution!

Give your face that extra lift and the shape it deserves with the Intelligent Blushingskin® Facial Lifting Device! It rejuvenates and tightens your skin, making it shine to its true potential! It also stimulates and shapes your face for the Perfect V Shape!

The facial massager also stimulates and shapes your face for the perfect V shape! The LED light waves penetrate your skin's pores and eliminate all bacteria responsible for breakouts, blemishes, inflammation and dull skin. 

2 modes of light therapy

  • Blue light mode helps your skin calm down and relax . It aims to penetrate the dermis, shrink pores and whiten the skin. Blue light therapy can reduce skin inflammation, soothe the skin, cleanse and sterilize it, reduce acne, wrinkles and scars, and shrink pores.
  • The Red Light Mode helps improve blood circulation to your skin, helping it receive the nutrients it needs to look its best and feel its best!  It focuses on penetrating the epidermis, which provides all the resources to make your face healthier and restore its elasticity.

Get professional spa-like anti-aging treatment at home!

The Blushingskin® Facial Lifting Device provides electro muscle stimulation for skin tightening. It improves blood circulation and gives a face-lifting effect. As a result, our face shaper reduces double chin and wrinkles. Plus, it gives a gentle vibration massage for cell metabolism improvement.

Adjustable design

Our device meets the shape and size of the head, giving a personalized fit.

Various modes

Choose between the five modes of treatment and adjust the intensity of each of them.

Benefits of Facial Lifting Device:

  • V-Shaped Face - The kneading feel improves skin elasticity, tightens and firms your skin to achieve a beautiful perfect face shape.
  • No Surgery or Botox - This device is specially designed to get rid of excess fat around the jaw and chin and create a sculpted V-line.
  • EMS Vibrations - Thanks to the advances in technology, there's still hope for eliminating even the most obvious wrinkles, bumps, and sagging, sagging skin.
  • Timer function - The Blushingskin® Facial Lifting Device has a timer function, which means it switches off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent overuse.

Usage Tips:

  1. Unfold the device

  2. Put it on and adjust the belt to your liking

  3. Apply the V Face Snake Serum

  4. Turn on the device and choose a mode and intensity level that you like

  5. Enjoy the massage, the device switches off automatically after 15 minutes.

It also uses an adjustable strap, making it a perfect fit for any face of all shapes and sizes! Work with all head shapes and face types!


Dimensions (Folded): 170x110x500mm
Weight: 0.28kg
Material: Plastic

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