7-Color LED Photon Therapy Mask

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The Best Rated LED At-Home Facial For Rejuvenating Skin

What if you could revitalise your skin in the comfort of your own home?

Do you desire glowing skin and to appear 7–10 years younger?

Introducing the 7-Color LED Photon Therapy Mask, which revives, and rejuvenates your face and neck in 10 minutes every day. In the past year, the LED Light Therapy has helped more than thousands of users worldwide look amazing and gain the confidence they deserve.

Designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin. The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to beautify your complexion.


When you use the 7-Color LED Photon Therapy Mask, the light penetrates your facial tissue to boost collagen, clear and tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin color, and much more. Finish off your treatments with a Hyaluronic Acid serum to elevate your anti-ageing results.

SPA Quality Skin Treatment at Home

This light therapy mask provides you 7 different light colors to treat a myriad of skin problems. Our UV Free non-heat producing LEDs penetrate your facial tissue to boost collagen, clear and tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin color, and much more.

5 Skin Health Benefits of 7-Color LED Photon Therapy Mask

  • Boost natural collagen production as much as 81% to help visibily firm skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Evens skin tone and texture, reduces redness and dark spots for healthier, glowing skin.
  • Destroys acne-causing bacteria to help clear and prevent breakouts.
  • Compatible app to customize, schedule, and monitor your treatments.
  • Clear acne and prevent breakouts before they appear.

Safe and Natural

Your skin absorbs the light energy, which then treats your skin condition depending on the colour that is used.

LEDs penetrate your facial tissue to boost collagen, clear and tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin colour, and much more.

The led facial mask is extremely durable, leaving it safe and natural. This mask will provide a lifetime of skin care! All it takes is 10-20 minutes of use 2-3x/week.


This skin rejuvenation face mask reduces visible signs of aging and restore healthy and glowing skin. Not just that, it comes in 7 different light settings, each colour with its unique benefits, boosting anti-aging, and leaving you with younger, fresher and better skin.

7 LED Colors For Different Treatment You Skin Need 

  • Red (620- 630 nm)- One of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation. Stimulate skin cells to produce collagen to achieve a firm and smooth texture. Great for fine lines and large pores.
  • Blue (465- 470 nm)- Excellent for acne reduction, drying, and achieving clear skin. The blue lights kill the bacteria Porphyrins.
  • Green (515- 525 nm)- Balances and heals pigmentation, nurtures aging skin, heals acne scars, and speeds up healing of wounds.
  • Yellow (565- 590 nm)- Improves microcirculation, adjusts factors, and inhibits melanin production in order to fade dark spots, freckles, improves oxygenation into the skin, and helps you glow.
  • Purple (400- 420 nm)- A combination of Red and Blue light delivers 2 phototherapy effects. Relaxes and improves lymph metabolism
  • Clear Blue Light (500- 520 nm)- Helps in inflammation skin mitigation, enhances cell energy, and improves skin metabolism.
  • White Laser Light- Relaxing, activate your skin's natural renewal system to reverse the effects of aging at the same time restoring younger and healthier skin.

How to Use?

4 Easy Steps Unlock the Power of Light

Prep: Cleanse and dry your face before treatment. 

Start: Press the Power Button, then press "Start/Stop" to start the treatment.

Rejuvenate: Lay down, Sit back and Relax for 10-15 minute.

Moisturizing: Apply Project E Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum or your skin care to moisturize your skin.


Item Type: Facial LED Mask
Color: White
Material: ABS
Weight: 290g
Power: 12W 5V
Light: 86*3 LEDs
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Using time: about 1.5hours
Size: 24*19cm/9.45*7.48in

Package Includes:

1x 7 Led Light Face Mask
1x USB charger
1x Manual

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